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Resort Winerie

This resort, created within a wine estate, specializes in wedding "wedding events", the complex is also rented in airbnb and it presents a very good compromise between culinary arts, tastings of good wines in the middle of the vineyard.





Resort Winerie

  • A resort of 7 Kapana all equipped with pergola, terrace with integrated spa, individual garden.                                               

  • It is equipped with a community swimming pool and a relaxation area, it's perfect for walks and the discovery of green nature.

  • The restaurant is able to respond to allevent  scale, weddings, celebrations, seminars.

Winery Resort.jpg


  • Investing in a Kapana resort allows you to access secure investments, which offer much more interest than traditional rental investments. You recover your investment over a fixed period of time,by means of an annual return, knowing that our resorts are located in temperate zones, and are open all year round.

  • No risk of non-payment, squatting or damage; on our resorts, they do not suffer any deadweight loss, your investment will be very profitable.

  • Our sales department specializing in investment will be able to guide you to optimize your investment as much as possible. The figures speak for themselves, investing in a Kapana resort is the assurance of obtaining a generous return year after year. 

  • We build Resorts all over the world, and we regularly offer new investments. After an initial investment, in one of our programs, welet's prioritize our investors so that they have priority access to our new projects.

  • Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, our sales team is at your disposal.

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